Monday, 24 August 2015

5 pairs of shoes every man should have in his wardrobe

Footwear. It's tricky business gents - as if you've not already put enough effort in to your outfit to worry about finishing it off with the correct pair of shoes. 

Here's a list of a simple staple shoe wardrobe that should leave you with something for all occasions and outfits.

1. Casual brogues
A night out, a date, pretty much with all of your casual wardrobe should you want to look a bit more stylish.
These are best in brown leathers choose a tumbled leather (this is where the leather looks slightly creased) or a grey suede for a slightly more casual still look.
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2. Work formal
When looking for formal attire it is important amongst all other things that you buy into quality as well as style. Go for something that goes with everything. A personal favourite is the monk shoe. Slightly less common and still as versatile as the popular brogue.

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Designers such as Jimmy Choo are known for favouring the monk shoe style. This is an understated classic which shows a flair for design. If you are feeling adventurous this style comes in many variations and materials.

3. Boots
A staple of your winter wardrobe. Go for something comfortable and casual. NO UGG BOOTS!
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4. Sneakers
For your truly casual moments. Converse are acceptable - so long as you don't have huge feet. Vans are also fine. If you're buying a cheaper imitation make sure you keep an eye out for wear and tear. Scruffy shoes ruin an outfit. Also, no bright reds greens or pinks!

5. Deck shoes
Controversial. Love them or hate them, they are rather versatile. With a pair of shorts, jeans or chinos they will go with most outfits. If your not wearing them with socks. beware of the pong. Us ladies will notice.
Here's some great ones....

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Above all else, try to understand a bit about what you are buying.
When buying footwear set your price you want to pay. Anything above £70 i would be expecting a leather shoe. Brands such as Kurt Geiger are well known for first class design however do not deliver on the make up of their product. For a middle of the range stylish shoe, my personal favourite is Aldo (wait for the sale or a 20% off promotion for extra value)

Please also know this. Although spending a fair amount of money on footwear is advisable to buy into footwear which will be durable and high in quality - it doesn't always suit to pay the high end prices.
Particularly in formal footwear, leather soles are highly sought after and you may hear men who think they know about style talking about being preferable to a leather sole... Unfortunately leather soles have one major downfall. RAIN. Leather is as we know skin - this does not make it water proof. In fact, it absorbed water. Not great to wear on the bottom of your feet.

Lastly. As mentioned above, leather absorbs water. Protect your shoes well be they suede, leather, textile or plastic. The fresh out of the box look will hold greater for longer by using shoe care.
Here are a few of my  favourites.

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

How to dress well, easily - for men

Gents, whilst it is reported that one of the most attractive things about a man is the ability to make a woman laugh - the woman of your dreams will not think twice about giving you the opportunity to do just that without you catching her glance from across a crowded room first!

That in mind, I have put together a fool proof guide to looking good and how to shop the looks.

1. Know your body shape. More to the point know your sizes. 
If you do not know your chest measurement, you could never choose the correct suit, or the right leg length for you jeans.
In addition, the material of your clothing is cut to hang in a certain way for the body shape it is made for, make sure that you wear the right size otherwise the look you are trying to achieve may be distorted.
If you are tall, do not wear skinny jeans
If you are small, avoid sleeves that are too long.

And easy way to shop for your body type is looking at which celebrity body shape you would most liken yourself to. Are you a David Beckham? James Cordon? Or more of an Ed Sheeran? Take a look at what type of clothing your celeb body double wears. Chances are they pay someone well to dress them accordingly.

2. Dress your age. Mutton dressed as lamb can apply to men too.
If you are over 30, skinny jeans are not for you.

3. Invest in key pieces that are transferrable such as;
Straight leg jeans
Denim shirt
Beige chinos
casual blazer
crew neck t shirts in various colours
dress down brogues
desert boots
Are all wardrobe must haves. Chinos and a denim shirt with a crew neck jumper will get you through the day. Add a blazer for the evening - easy.

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4. Colour is important.
Don't be fooled into thinking that pink is an acceptable colour for a man. It isn't, and most certainly isn't for the over 25s reading this.
If you have dark hair Dark greens and reds go really well with jeans and chinos, if you're feeling really adventurous some dark red chinos can look really cool with a denim shirt and crew neck t shirt.
Try this colour palette

If you have light hair, you probably are unfortunate to have light skin too. Don't think that doesn't mean you can't wear darker shades too, but maybe adding a lighter shade into your layering could soften your look. The above colour palette will work when you add these colours in to the mix.

It does not matter about your ethnicity, body shape or style neon colours and pastels are risky business on anyone. Don't go there. 

5. Certainly don't be afraid to shop around. 
The pieces mentioned in this blog are wardrobe essentials - this means they should last you through seasons. Yes, TopMan, Zara, River Island and HnM will offer fashion for a high street price, but sometimes you may not find the quality serves the purpose in which you need for this instance.
Retailers such as Marks and spencer offer similar essential lines that have quality guaranteed.

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We can be conscious of the image that shopping with a certain brand brings - if you take only one piece of advice from this post please take this; FORGET ABOUT BRAND IDENTITY AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU NEED BEFORE GOING INTO A SHOP. 
Browse the internet, look at what your favourite celebs are wearing and browse the internet to see where you can get this from. shop around, then shop some more.

6. Ask for advice
Look at what the sales assistants are wearing, ask what they would wear with the items you have picked up and have the confidence to try on the suggestions the assistant gives.

7. Ditch any of the below items:
T shirts with band names / albums on
Cargo pants
Jesus sandals
Hareem pants
Turtle necks
None are attractive, none will win you attention, all will make you look terrible.
Don't wear your jeans half way down your bum. Back to my point about clothes being cut to fit a body shape. Also - this trend originates from a place where it certainly wouldn't be seen as an attractive choice of attire for the opposite sex.
In addition, don't wear your Nike's with everything. Yes they are comfortable and yes they are on trend at the moment. But really females think they look scruffy and too casual. The same applies for joggers in public.

8. Wash and iron your clothes well. 
Care for them.
This includes footwear.

9. Look after yourself. All the clothes in the world cannot help a men who doesn't groom or exercise.

Most importantly, once you have chosen your style icon, selected your outfit based on your body shape and asked for an expert opinion, Have confidence in your choices. After all confidence is an attractive quality!