Sunday, 24 April 2016

My new skincare routine

I have recently made a move into beauty retailing. Since I was about 13 years old I have worn a full face of makeup every day. With this in mind you would think i have a vast knowledge of makeup and skincare, and in all honesty i thought i had until i worked with makeup and skincare.

So I've been using a few products that I want to share with you all.

One important think that i have definitely forgotten about over the years is setting up my skin so that my makeup performs to its full potential. The only way to do this is a good cleansing routine.

I have naturally super dry and sensitive skin, for this reason i find it hard to find products that I can use without irritation. Since having my first baby and turning 25 I have found products which claim "anti ageing" benefits best for me. I purely put this down to the increased need for moisture in my skin.
My favourite cleansing product is Elemis Pro collagen cleansing balm. (I use this after removing any makeup with hypo allergenic wipes)
This product retails at £40 for a tub, but if you're smart these products can often be bought online at a cheaper price or when buying from John Lewis there are often offers on.
Using this and a hot cloth any remaining makeup is removed and after cleansing my skin doesn't have that tight soar feeling that some cleansers can give. Expensive yes - but totally worth it.

Next and absolutely most importantly my favourite product of my skincare routine is the Pixi Glow tonic.
Use this in place of a toner after cleansing.
The ingredients show that glow tonic has aloe vera to soothe the skin mixed with Ginseng which is known to energise, it really is an enjoyable product to use because of these ingredients. The key ingredient in this however is the glycolic acid. It has 5% which is a very diluted amount of this ingredient - it works as a liquid exfoliator, and for myself who needs something very gentle but is still prone to acne and blackheads this very light tonic is just the ticket.

Moisturising is the 3rd part of my skincare routine. Due to the nature of my skin i use 2 different products. One for nighttime and one for the day.

 these 2 go hand in hand with the pro collagen cleanser as you can imagine. Most importantly though they are really effective products in moisturising but do not leave any greasiness on the skin. For times when i have really dry skin there is an ultra rich version of the day cream which is also really good.

These 4 products for me have been really working. I think an important point to make however is that it is so so important that before you put your makeup on and after you remove it that you treat your skin with as much care as you are able to do, because that is the base for your makeup and will help it look clearer and last longer if your base is well prepped.

For those of you who have read my previous blogs you will be thinking where is the thrift in these highly expensive products - well here it is. Because my skin is treated so well i find i do not have to invest in highly expensive makeup to get the effect i want.
So here's whats in my makeup bag at the moment.

All of these items are available in boots. Nothing is more than £10 and most are under £5.

I have recently added 2 products to my routine that i also highly recommend.

Pixi poreless and flawless primer really sets my skin up with a velvety texture so that my makeup really stays in place all day.

And talking of makeup staying in place I sprits my face with this before i leave and any time in the day i feel i want a bit of a refresh. It has rose water and green tea in and when I'm having a stressful day in work its great to take 5 and go refresh with this product.