Thursday, 17 November 2011

The poor girls guide to essential designers!

Grab that designer bag and don't feel bad!

Ever got that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach after buying your second gucci handbag this season?
Opened 3 credit cards in order to fund your designer addiction?
If these statements sound like you, read on for a few sneaky hints in buying the essential designers.
We're all guilty of it, the "This is my 3rd Marc Jacobs in my collection" conversation with the sales assistant in Selfridges, makes you feel good doesn't it? yes? Until you get home and check out your online bank account!
But what of this is really essential? Every season there are pieces we buy that we never wear, how do we predict what these things will be before taking the plunge? Easy. DONT! Just know what to spend the pounds on and what the pennies will cover.
Sell all your used items on Ebay. Don't collect, the items you have used before will depreciate in price and popularity before your eyes. Use the money you earn on ebay to buy into new items.
Decide what is most important to you.
Every girl should know the key items that are important to them. For me these items are;
- Handbag
- Sunglasses
- Party dress
- Belt
- Perfume
These items are key to my wardrobe and are essential designers .
Whether it be Gucci, Balenciaga or Marc Jacobs these items are important to blend in with the rest of this seasons trends in order to match with the rest of your wardrobe.
Learn what high street brands compliment your designers. For example, Prada with Zara. Both these brand images follow similar trends most season and usually look good together. By mixing the two you are still able to work the "Prada look" whilst enjoying only half the price!
5554121_f260.jpgThere are any brands on the market at the moment that allow you to enjoy an "affordable luxury". These brands ensure you look on trend by following key trends however don't charge the designer prices. Let's take shoes.
Kurt Geiger, Dune and Aldo all are brands that promote a designer look and have a luxury feel. In many stores sales assistants are able to assist in what outfits will match their shoes and know what shoes have elements of this seasons gucci or Louis Vuitton. Use their knowledge as they know best! (trust me I'm one of them)
Buy hand made - something someone has slaved over a sewing machine just to make you a unique item no one else has a garment like is much more to brag about than your new Miu Miu. Especially when it was a killer find at only £20!
Camden, Portobello and Shoreditch are perfect for an afternoon's bargain hunting. And never forget to barter for a better price!
Finally. Don't settle for anything because it's snake print and you've seen a clutch bag in a Prada advert in Elle. Know what suits you and your own personal style and body shape. On trend or not, if you've got 36FF boobs and short stumpy legs please do not wear a high neck long sleeve sequinned dress just because it's on a Dolce poster on a billboard! It will not look flattering and you will not have that oh my god this purchase was a steal feeling when you look at yourself in the mirror.
Above all things. Read the glossy mags. Elle and Vogue give you all you need to know, look at the catwalks take pieces you like and make them you. Having your outfit tell your storey is better than any designer could do for your confidence.

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